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Check your settings from iCloud, iOS 10.3 might have them changed by mistake

iOS 10.3 came with night and treachery, good, actually came at the same time, only that perhaps we did not expect it us too. Similarly, iOS 10.3, as a major upgrade of the operating system that has been, has brought some other change, such as the section of iCloud in the settings menu. The problem is that apparently, as a bug that seems to have suffered hundreds of users, iOS 10.3 has revived certain iCloud services without notifying its users. Therefore, as on many other occasions, we must give you a look at our configurations after an update if a case such things happen.

The iCloud team reviewed a MacRumors reader who certainly have such problems with activations/desactivacioens of services automatically when you upgrade to iOS 10.3 iCloud

We have discovered a recent bug in iOS 10.3, the software update has had some negative impact on a limited number of users of iCloud. This could have revived some iCloud services without requesting permission or notify the user, especially services that were previously disabled by the user.

Therefore we suggest that you give a stroll by iCloud settings to see what services you have activated, or otherwise contact AppleCare for any questions.

From 27 March, arriving iOS 10.3, an important change occurred in the file system iOS, which seems to be the main reason that iCloud services settings have changed. Products of iCloud who have failed to be affected are iCloud Drive, photos, mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, Safari, news, Apple, find my iPhone and the backup, so in view of the importance of these services, time to give you an overview of the settings.

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