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Children’s games to share with your kids this holiday

Los mejores juegos infantiles para compartir con tus hijos estas vacaciones

We are in the middle of Holy week and although your sons and daughters have breakfast at home since last Friday, most of all you do not begin your days off until today and for this reason, it is a good day to recommend some of the best playground for iPhone and iPad with which you can share many fun , entertaining and educational moments with your little ones.

The iPhone, and above all the iPad due to its larger screen size, is ideal for the smallest of the House have fun while they learn thanks to the variety of interactive games that exist on the App Store. It today I am going to propose is not more than a minimal selection of playground because the truth is that there are hundreds and hundreds of games, there is somewhere to start, isn’t it? That Yes, remember that the experience will be much more fun and fruitful if you share these moments of games.


Long time ago that the popular dolls playmobils made the leap from the real world to our iPhone and iPad screens, and what child doesn’t like to play with them?

Playmobil Knights is a safe play for children aged between nine and eleven years, free and without in app purchases, in which kids will travel which provided their armor Knights through actual forests in search of treasure. Stop get it, must confront fierce trolas, challenge other Knights in the tournament of land and improve its equipment with the coins you are getting by the way.

PLAYMOBIL Knights (AppStore Link)

Geobra Brandstaetter GmbH & Co.KG.

Farm 123

For the title, I’m sure you know what is this game. Indeed! Farm 123 is a game with the children in the House they have fun at the same time learning to count helping Jo, the farmer. “The time will be them flying while they pursue, together and bathe the mischievous animals from the farm”.

Farm 123 is specially designed for preschoolers, and pays special attention to “reinforce learning through games of gradual difficulty that will help your child to strengthen his knowledge of numbers and their ability to order them”. And it’s free!

Granja 123 GRATUITA ~ StoryToys Jr (AppStore Link)
Farm 123 free ~ StoryToys Jr

StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Disney Puzzle Packs

If we are talking about children’s games, we cannot forget Disney, and here we have a fantastic game for children up to 5 yearsDisney Puzzle Packs, as its title suggests, includes “hundreds of puzzles” with your favorite Disney characters. The variety of games including is immense, so you will be well entertained these holidays: Visual puzzles and word games, puzzles and puzzle games find differences or match games from.

It has 7 packs of puzzles, and each one of them includes six types of puzzles to solve each one with three levels of difficulty .

Remember to download the app “you will receive a sample of each type of puzzle”, but to access the rest offered through in app purchases.

Disney Puzzle Packs (AppStore Link)
Disney Puzzle Packs

Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

One more thing…

Vaaaaaale! I know. RTVE Clan is not a game however, is an application that should not miss on your iPhone, your iPad or your Apple TV 4. It is the official app of the children’s channel Clan TVE, an app that is highly valued by parents TV. With it, the smallest of the House you will see his series of drawings favorite, many of them in English, so go learn this second language.

Includes also coloring pages and Chamber Clan to take pictures with your favorite characters including costumes, effects, and can win prizes in contests of Clan.

RTVE Clan (AppStore Link)

Corporación RTVE

As I said at the beginning, this is a tiny sample of the enormous variety and quantity of children’s games and applications for boys and girls that you can find in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, but is certainly a good starting point that will keep you entertained the next day. Enjoy!

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