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ColorFlow 3 to give sense to your playback screen

We are back because we played with the Jailbreak, so the more buño have to customize your device iOS and thus give a different touch. And it is that you clear, iOS has been nearly four years with the same design, and isn’t too bad a small breath of fresh air time. We will speak of ColorFlow 3, an application that will completely change your playback screen giving a fantastic touch of color. Beyond wherever you go, you play what you play, ColorFlow 3 will work to customize your display to the fullest, we are presenting this tweak.

Most importantly, this tweak that works both on the iPhone and iPad is fully compatible with Apple Music, but not only there, is also personalize the color of our playback screen when we aren’t using implementing music playback via the world most popular streaming, don’t talk about another of Spotify.

The application has a pretty basic set of settings, simply choose if we want it to work at Apple Music, Spotify and the lock screen, no more. You will have the option to clear the cache of the colors and the stored covers to lighten as much as possible the garbage in our storage files.

We will find it in the repository BigBoss, the most popular of Cydia, and we will make us with it for $ 1.99 if we had not previously bought never, or for $ 0.99 if you intend to update a current version of ColorFlow. However, it should be recalled that this tweak is made for devices that have performed the Jailbreak IOS 10, if you currently are using a version inferior operating system we recommend that you continue using ColorFlow 2 and if you don’t have it that you do with it. In short, a new touch of colour thanks to the Jailbreak, as always.

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