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Disables the Facebook Stories with this tweak

We live in the time of the Stories, or stories if we castellanizamos it, i.e., share moments of our life with microvideos that self-destruct 24 hours passes. A fad that started the guys from Snapchat that Facebook wanted to buy, although proud of itself Snapchat declined the invitation from Facebook and they fell into the social networking giant game: If not let me buy you sink. And since the failed attempt of buying Snapchat from Facebook have been the latter who have been stepping throwing these stories of Snapchat in all the social network apps: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

To such an extent that bored us… Yes, Instagram was the first site where he was thrown and is the only one that has worked and has managed to overtake Snapchat. In other apps you can get us to do quite annoying having a section of stories without stories, despite the redundancy, and is that no one is using it, and this is something that shows the failed attempt of Facebook. But thanks to the jailbreak we have a way to turn it off. Yes, if you want to disable the Facebook Stories, or the stories of Facebook, and you have the jailbreak, after the jump we give details…

Before nothing to tell you that you can do only on jailbroken devices, i.e. the Facebook Stories hiding is achieved through a tweak that you can find in Cydia for free. The tweak in question is NoMoreStories, a free tweak in the BigBoss repository. It is best that with install and leave to see these annoying Stories from Facebook, no additional configuraciion is not required.

So you know, if you are regulars of the jailbreak, and a few haters of all this fad do? the Stories of all, give a try to this interesting tweak with with only to install and you can enjoy avoiding that spam videos without any utility.

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