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Dual camera only in the 7 Plus iPhone strategy was a success; It shall continue to apply

iPhone 7 PlusCan not like us, but the strategy of Apple of include the camera dual only in the iPhone 7 Plus was successful, at least to the coffers of them of Cupertino. Cowen & Co ensures that the model of 5.5 inch of them released in 2016 is was with the 40% of all the sales of them last phones smart that launched Tim Cook and company, which contrasts with the 17% of users that bought an iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

On the other hand, UBS suggests that the increase in the average price of sale of the iPhone should lead to an increase of 2% in revenue of Apple, what can not arrive at a better time if we take into account that we come from the first year in which the Cupertino have seen as its iPhone sales do not increase over the previous year since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007.

The iPhone 7 Plus boosts the benefits of Apple

If estimates are correct, the benefits achieved thanks to add best components on the largest iPhone encourage Apple to follow in the same line, which will not always mean that larger phone will be whoever is most important functions. What other say all them analysis is that to them of Cupertino them like the idea of introduce differences between their devices.

Tomorrow January 31, Tim Cook and company will present its first fiscal balance of 2017, which coincides with the months October, November and December 2016, and may be at the time when the information handled in this post is confirmed. And if 7 Plus iPhone sales have been so good, can not rule out the possibility that this year will see an iPhone 8, an 8 Plus iPhone and one or two more discreet phones that would be the iPhone 7s/Plus. We will know the answer in about eight months.

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