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Edit the photos of your holiday with Filterra

We are still circling the iOS App Store to see if something interesting appears. In this occasion have found an application of editing photographic fairly complete that want to share with you. With Filterra you can edit in a very interesting way the photographs that you’ve been able to make during this Christmas holiday, so if you’ve been on the beach as if you’ve been on the mountain. Let’s explain a bit what is what makes it different from Filterra, and can be interesting download this free photo editing application in the iOS App Store.

Firstly we will be duped by the words of the developers:

Meet Filterra, the only editor of photography for take that you will allow perfect your images when it need.
Explore its collection of filters, tools and effects exclusive of last generation that will make that your creativity fly and that your photos look like never!
Play with all the options and possibilities that allow you to apply a multitude of improvements and all kinds of extras to your images.

The application is free and quite complete, is nothing less that 105 MB, but not has content downloadable everywhere, as others. It is true that it is “free”, since it offers content in-app that we must pay to part, but not too much or prevent its use.

Filterra – Editor de Fotos, Filtros & Efectos (AppStore Link)
Filterra-Editor of pictures, filters & effects

Middle Clouds LTD.

Can make clothing fast, images that seem drawings animated, stickers and course phrases that will accompany to our photographs to express what feel. What important is that is intuitive, and it is. He received many good reviews on the iOS App Store and now they are marked as free all packets filters and stickers, although we do not know what will last. That if, not forget that has advertising integrated, which can cause a bit of frustration at the time of use the.

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