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Enjoy your favorite pictures from the center of notifications with GRIDy

Since iOS allows developers to make use of the notification Center to add widgets displaying information related to applications, many are developers who have opted for this function. The access with the device locked to the center of notifications without having to navigate the phone saves us a lot of time, since avoids us having to unlock the terminal and look for the application you want to consult. But these not only widgets are to assist us in day to day, but also allow us to add information which we like to consult from time to time as our favorite photographs.

GRIDy is an application that has a regular price of 1.99 euros in the App Store, but for a limited time you can download for free. GRIDy allows us to add our favorite photos for directly from reference in place of notifications. The application allows us to create different albums where the photographs that we always want to have on hand, add photographs that we can expand only by clicking on them. Each album may show a different image distribution from 1 × 1 up to 8 × 8… If we want to enlarge images when displayed full screen we can do it just as we do with any photo of our reel, using two fingers.

We can also avoid that anyone can access them if you do not use the Touch ID before. In this way our privacy not can be compromised if we let the phone unattended in our job for example. But it not only allows you to add pictures, already also supports files in GIF format, ideal for lovers of this type of files that always want to have them at hand to show them to their friends.  GRIDy is only available in English, Korean and Japanese, but its operation is very simple and the language of the application will not be any obstacle to make use of it.

GRIDy - Photo Widget : GIF support (AppStore Link)
GRIDy – Photo Widget: GIF support

Geumsook Cho

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