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Fitbit presents its new HR high Fitbit

We are with the hangover of the Fitbit Charge 2 released a little more than six months ago and the company a new bracelet model has already launched cuantificadora for users who want a little more in this type of wearables. What makes the difference in this case is quite important and makes reference to the thickness of new Fitbit bracelet, if we look a little further back, we can say that the difference most marked between this new bracelet and his first original last year model, see the possibility of exchanging straps, receive notifications of our iPhone, in addition to storing calories burned data and other virtues as measure sleep…

But the thing not is here and is that them users that is prefer by this new model of cuantificadora may see and follow the rhythm heart from the own iPhone or see with more detail the history of the exercise carried out from the application available completely free in the App Store. Ultimately a total control with this new model that has the optical pulse sensor to calculate how long pass in dream light, deep and REM cycles…

The new HR high Fitbit is available now for pre-order for about $150 – the same price as the Charge 2 – and will begin to be sent at the beginning of April. But they also have a “Special Edition” model that will have a price of 179,95 dollars, as well as a special edition of the belt for $100 more made of metal or of leather for $60 more. You can find all the information on the website of the company, in the Fitbit high HR section.

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