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Fourth-generation Apple TV Jailbreak is about to be published

Fourth-generation Apple TV is without doubt one of the multimedia centres with more possibilities that we can find in the market. However, fear of the little freedom that provides your operating system is leading users to seriously consider your purchase and sometimes opt for other media centers with less stability but more alternatives in terms of software. However, the last incentive for the purchase of the Apple TV’s fourth generation is on the way, and is that the Jailbreak comes at last one of the devices that was more resisting him.

The head of the team at Technologeeks has published information that has been strongly welcomed by the Jailbreak lovers who have a fourth-generation Apple TV. According to the same website, those Apple TV that are running version 10.1 of tvOS will soon enjoy the Jailbreak and be published within a few hours or days a software utility that will completely free to our fourth-generation Apple TV, opening a world of possibilities in the face of the developers, above all because the Apple TV as an element intended primarily for consuming content users can be more responsive when it comes to perform the Jailbreak.

All indications are that the environment of the fourth generation Apple TV is about to change, however, we must highlight the fact that for now development on the fourth generation Apple TV and your operating system, tvOS, being small enough to, above all taking into account the fact that applications such as Movistar + are not present. However, one of the main advantages of this Jailberak would perhaps be the possibility to browse freely with a tool similar or identical to Safari.

You’re waiting for the Jailbreak for tvOS? Tell us if so, are your expectations for this software.

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