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Geekbench 4, Goat Simulator and more free apps for a limited time

From time to time we inform you about applications or joint or independent to download free games or with a significant discount on its price. Today is the turn of an application and two free games, applications that are generally paid, for a few days, or hours, never will know, pe download for free for a limited time. This time talked of an application, Geekbench 4 and two games: Goat Simulator and Sleepy Hollow. If we take advantage of these offerings, we can save up to 9 euros, if we add up the price that each of these applications has independently.

Geekbench 4

Geenbech 4 provides a complete set of engineering reference to check the speed of the processor and the memory of our device performance. Thanks to this application we will be able to compare quickly which is the performance of all the devices we have, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Geekbench 4 has a regular price of 0.99 euros in the App Store.

Geekbench 4 (AppStore Link)
Geekbench 4

Primate Labs Inc.

Goat Simulator

This simulator of goats, is the latest in simulation technology of goats, in this way because we are not going to have to fantasize about being a goat. The mechanics of the game is quite simple since the only motivation we have as goat is to destroy everything that gets us ahead, not even the sky is the limit. As you said the description of the game, and although you may have thought it, Goat Simulator is a stupid game, play stupid that we can download and save us the 4.99 euros that has routinely in the App Store.

Goat Simulator (AppStore Link)
Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain Studios AB

Sleepy Hollow: The legend (Interactive Edition)

It is likely that many of you do not follow the TV series with the same name, but surely that you have seen the film of Johnny Deep Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is a mysterious and absorbent interactive story, in which we found excellent illustrations and animations all accompanied by an excellent soundtrack. Sleepy Hollow has a reg. 2.99 euros, but completely free download for a limited time.

Sleepy Hollow: La leyenda (Edición Interactiva) (AppStore Link)
Sleepy Hollow: The legend (Interactive Edition)

iClassics Productions, S.L.

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