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Get more out of the activity of your iPhone app

Often we obsess on using third-party applications to perform tasks that we can get perfectly with iOS native applications, sometimes better that other third parties thanks to seamless integration that Apple always is reserved for their own apps. It is the case of the application of our Apple Watch and activity of the iPhone, which gives us a lot of information without resorting to other applications, and more than enough for many users. We show you to squeeze the maximum information that offers us the activity app on iOS 10.

Surely you know the application of iOS 10 rings, since they appear everywhere on the screen of your Apple Watch, and safe that you receive notifications every time about how they will complete. But take a few minutes to enter the activity of iOS application and move around the screen. Toother classic rings you’ll see graphs of each, showing you the different activities carried out throughout the day, time and the times that you’ve fulfilled the aim of stand up. If low until the end of the screen you’ll see workouts you’ve done, whenever you have so marked it using any application, whether it’s own watchOS (training) or another app from third parties that is well integrated with the system, such as Nike Run Club. Click on the right arrow to access more detailed information of your completed workout.

As you can see the information provided is quite comprehensive with details as distance, heart rate, total time, throw half broken down if you want per kilometer, weather conditions and even your travel map (if you have Apple Watch Series 2 won’t need the iPhone with you) with colors that indicate you the rhythm of each section. In this case this tangle of lines and colors was a game of football there. The app train of watchOS offers monitoring activities such as running, walking, bicycle, swim in pool or open water (series 2), walk and run on tape, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing and Stepper… as you can see the options are huge.

As you can see the information that we can only see using native apps for iOS and watchOS is even greater than that other famous third-party applications offer us. That Yes, we lack of integration with social networking and other features that other apps that bring with them, but if what we want is information, use apps preinstalled on our watch is a good choice.

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