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Google Allo is updated with new features, but not with more users

Google Allo, for those who do not know, is the instant messaging application that Google has made available for all users. However, this application made more noise at its launch now, the reality is that it is quite difficult to find users that have used the platform beyond novelty. However, we already know that Google it costs quite give a dignified death their applications, so has presented us the latest update, as interesting as necessary innovations. Let’s take a look to see if now it be worth giving another opportunity to Google Allo.

What we are going to tell about Allo that don’t know already, able to send stickers (news…), intelligent answers, possibility to edit and draw on the application, Google Assistant support, and most importantly, draining of the battery that no who shut it off while using the application.

Today have presented innovations in this regard, we can now send your photos more quickly thanks to its preview (like WhatsApp, Telegram…), and even the most important of all, can send more than one photo at once. The strange thing here is that it could done this before, we imagine that Google thought that the massive amount of users who would receive could saturate your server.

Finally, we have also added the ability to edit your profile picture slightly before establishing it, with that mean you can cut out it and adjust the exact size in which you want to display. And this is all for today, this is perhaps the reason that you needed to give a chance to the Google instant messaging service. I can not personally recommend it, in the same way that we knew having a critical attitude against WhatsApp in his days.

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