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Google Duo receive audio with your new update calls

A few weeks ago we told you about upcoming news to Google photos and Duo, two applications that the big search engine has tried to improve with the passage of time. Although there are many apps available today to make video calls or voice calls, many people prefer to opt for unifying all your services on one platform controlled by a count. In the case of Du0, an app that allows you to make video calls quickly and easily, but in addition, Google has fulfilled as promised and with the new version, audio, calls can be a function leading to those countries where data connections are not too powerful or people who prefer a conventional call to a video call.

More options for a ‘decaffeinated’ app: Google Duo

It is an application of video calls person to person designed for everyone: is simple, reliable and fun so you never miss any time.

It is the version 9.1, which as we have advanced, integrates its different features the possibility to make calls of audio, thus increasing the options for an application whose downloads they conspicuous by their absence least in the App Store.

This new feature, ahead a few months ago Google, is intended primarily to those users who do not have a powerful data network capable of supporting a video call. But each also for those people who prefer to talk about old-school leaving behind the appeal of seeing the other person live.

The pace of updates to Duo is not too fast for what the big search engine prefers to launch new features gradually. But as they are running the most recent data, the application has not caused enough appeal to users and few people use the service daily.

Google Duo: videollamadas sencillas (AppStore Link)
Google Duo: simple video calls

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