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Google Maps allows us to remember where we parked

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Again the guys from Google guys have put hands to work and they have released a new update to its Google Maps maps. This last function allows us to remember the position where we parked, one minor update but it can be a real lifesaver for more than one, especially if we do not get to spin the Apple looking for our car. This new function that was testing a few weeks ago in Android, in addition also adds a new function that can also be very useful, as it allows us to establish until that time have paid parking, happy hour blue, green or whatever it is called in the city where you live.

The operation of Apple Maps, which is linked to CarPlay or our car bluetooth connection, unlike Google Maps also allows us to set manually the zone where we parked, so just have to click on the blue dot showing our indication. Once we have established it, in the location where you’ve parked will be shown a P.

In addition, Google Maps also allows us to add notes to the area where we parked, ideal for when we do in algin open public car park, showing us pictures or numbers that help us identify the location of our car park. Automatically the application will inform us 15 minutes before the end of the hour of the parking meter.

Every time you introduce a new direction, lto above it will be deleted automatically, although it is very likely in the history of locations from Google Maps each of the locations where we have parked the vehicle to show up, so it will be very easy to know at all times the places where we parked our vehicle at all times.

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