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Google offers links to music and video services in iOS results streaming

Whenever we visit a web page, it knows at all times If we do from a mobile device or from a computer. In addition he also knows the operating system that we use. Google is an expert in this regard and as proof of this has begun to modify the results offered on the Apple devices managed by iOS. In this way if we are looking for the name of a singer or group of music from Safari, making use of Google, the search engine will show us links to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music… According to the group that we are looking for information where available.

But not only focuses on offering links to videos from YouTube, but it also shows links to streaming services that offer the type of content we are looking for such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon… so that we will be able to quickly access content directly, provided we have an account in the service, since otherwise we can not access to the same.

Google wants at all times to facilitate the use of your browser, and even though it has a music service in own streaming, Google Play Music, the guys from Redmond likely beef that does not want to be accused of monopolizing the results with its services, since previously it has been affected by some that another demand of the European Union in this regard.

But in addition, Google also will provide us with information about the price of all these services, so much of the music services streaming like those for video streaming services, so that users who want to hire any of these services can see first-hand prices and content offered by each platform.

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