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Google photos will help us to manage our photos white balance

The application Google pictures has become with the passage of time one of the applications must have on all devices, without which it would not be possible to make photos and videos without worrying about the space they occupy on our device. The Google photos application allows us to make a backup of all new photographs (not exceeding 16 mpx) and videos (maximum in Full HD) unlimited space, in order to always have a copy with all the pictures that we’ve done over time with our iPhone or any other device. But in addition also offers us fantastic tools to modify the catches we.

The last function that will receive the application soon is related to the white balance. White balance enables us to select which is the most suitable light for each photograph. Automatically, your iPhone select which is the most ideal and automatically changes it. On many occasions, is correct, but not in other, showing results yellowish if we talk about interior photographs or photographs that we can do at night on the street, if the lighting of lanterns is not led as it is becoming fashionable in many cities.

In this way, once have been uploaded images to Google photos, application we will suggest which are subject to change white balance pictures, as carried out with other photographs when the service thinks that they can be improved thanks to the resources offered by this service of free storage for videos and photos that meet the aforementioned requirements.

In the same way that any modification that proposes to us, the service will give us the option to discuss both the original capture and which have changed, to be able as well to check whether the changes really agree with than we expected. The application update will come soon for the platform Android and iOS.

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