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Harman announces the implementation of the CarPlay wireless devices

We know that we can’t use the iPhone in the car, in addition to being illegal and we can cost a fine and a loss of points, is very dangerous. And it is that we have to be aware of everything that can pass us around when we use an electronic device while we drive. It is therefore that technology brands have decided to develop systems so that we can, in some way, enjoy our devices in our cars, all with security. So the guys at Cupertino developed CarPlay, a connection of the iPhone with automotive sound systems…

Known mark Harman has just announced that they are ready for the launch of the CarPlay wireless devices for automobiles. An update to the Apple CarPlay that will allow us to enjoy our devices in our cars without using any cables…

That Yes, for now you have to wait, since in principle the launch of this new Harman with CarPlay wireless sound system (uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), is reserved for the BMW 5 Series Sedan from 2017, then driven to the club of German manufacturers. But it will not stay there, BMW announced that they would be the first to implement this new CarPlay, but they have already been several manufacturers of sound systems for cars that have announced that they will implement this new CarPlay Wireless, we’re going that you can install these systems in your own car.

The best thing is that Apple appears to be improving the functioning of CarPlay, we’re seeing it in the beta of iOS 10.3 that has been added to allow fixed the springboard in our CarPlay screen, and various tweaks that enhance the experience with the music app; quite interesting news that no doubt will improve the experience of our device iOS in our car.

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