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How to pass data from iPhone to iPhone or Android in a click

Changing Smartphone can be a real headache. Configure the new device, pass the data from the old to the new and make everything work normally may be several days making changes until everything is to our liking.

In the case of moving from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes may be an option, but only if what we want is to leave the new device as it was the former. If we want to do something more personalized, the software developed by Apple does not and we have to resort to other alternatives.

Wondershare MobileTrans

If in your case you usually change often Smartphone, either from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android or vice versa or even Android Android Wondershare MobileTrans you look like a software’s most useful to stop wasting time and make migrations that you need in a twinkling of an eye.

Wondershare MobileTrans, essential software when changing Smartphone

Developed by Wondershare software has a very intuitive user interface and that you will guide throughout the process, something that makes this task even more.

To transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone or Android to Android the first thing you need to do is to connect both devices to the computer with its USB wiring. Once connected, you can open MobileTrans and click on the option to transfer from phone to phone.

At this point the software will detect both terminals and will show the phone the data source on the left side and the destination in the right. Of course it is possible to change the order if you don’t agree, so only you must click on Flip that appears between the two phones.

Pasar datos de iPhone a iPhone

Also in the central area of the screen you will see a box with different options that you can set. These options are: contacts, SMS, calendars, records of calls, applications, photos, music and videos and you must select the types of content that you really want to spend the new team.

Once these simple steps, all you have to do is click on Start and MobileTrans will be working to bring the selected data to the new device. Where any special need is detected during the process, will offer on screen what steps you must take to complete the migration depending on the devices with which you are working.

Other functions of MobileTrans

Although the main function of MobileTrans is to move data from a smartphone to another, is not the only one that has.

Otras funciones de MobileTrans

The software also allows another type of actions such as:

  • Restore data from a backup copy from different sources (BlackBerry, OneDrive, iCloud or iTunes backup security file) to a smartphone.
  • Make backup copies of iOS and Android.
  • Delete per complete a phone that we no longer need to use more.

Download Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac or Windows

Wondershare MobileTrans is available for Mac computers and there is also a version for Windows. In both cases there is a free trial version with which it is possible to check that the program is what you need and where you fit you can buy full license that unlocks features in full.

No doubt a highly recommended software for anyone who tends to change Terminal and does not want to waste time with tedious a lot of different steps of migration.

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