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How to translate web pages into Safari for iOS without leaving the browser

Although the Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, sometimes can be that we do not find the information we are looking for in the language of Cervantes, which obliges us to search in other languages, mainly in English, the language most widely used in internet, but not the most spoken in the world where Chinese is the King due to its population.

Search for information in other languages obliges us, sometimes, to find a translator that allows us to understand the information that is displayed. We can always make use of the copy and paste in Google Translator, but there is a much more simple and you’ll avoid having to leave Safari to be able to translate the text.

Makes little more than one year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Translator, an application with which can translate words between more than 50 languages, but that also in the successive updates has included an extension that us allows translate any web page that visit, of a form quick and simple.

Translate web pages in Safari for iOS without abandoning it

One of the problems with applications that allow us to translate texts, is having to leave the browser to open it and paste the text. But thanks to this extension of Microsoft Translator lwork of translating is done in a few seconds.

  • The first and fundamental is to download Microsoft Translator. At the end of the article, I leave in direct link.
  • Then we visit the web page that you want to translate.

  • Once the web page to translate loaded completely click on share and look for the Microsoft Translator extension.

  • When you click on it, a strip of orange color as it shows us the progress of the translationis displayed at the top of the page. If want that the page is displayed in your language native, so only have that press on the X located in the part right of the bar.
Microsoft Translator (AppStore Link)
Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Corporation

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