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Improvement of your photos and videos in HDR with Relight, free for a limited time

Easter is just around the corner and throughout this week, both my colleague Joseph as a server, you have been informed about the applications or games that have been available for download for free. Apple yesterday released Clips, an application to create fun videos, but if you are looking for is quality to make our photographs and videos, Relight is the application that we need. Relight has a regular price of 4.99 euros on the App Store, but for a limited time you can download it for free. Relight is an application that allows real-time eight ways to correct the typical problems of lighting and exposure and with which we can record videos or simply taking photographs.

But in addition we can also give us a tour of our reel and try to improve those videos or photos that have not been captured properly, as well as add filters. With Relight can apply effects in HDR with a resolution of up to 4 k and record 1080 videos HDR in supported devices. 7 and 7 Plus is also optimized for iPhone and is compatible with 3D technology Touch and Peek & Poop. 8 modes which offers us this application to make or modify our photographs or videos are as follows:

  • Enhance: enhances the lighting, contrast and color to give your photos a more real look.
  • Low Light: improves the Dim lighting and corrects exposure problems when there is too much light.
  • Artistic: Add creative HDR effects to your photos
  • Clarity: it highlights the details and improves contrast so that stand out most people or objects.
  • Sky: it improves the contrast in the sky to create a spectacular look.
  • Dramatic: it increases the excitement of your photos.
  • Overexposure: it improves the worn and overexposed photos
  • Fog: it reduces the fog and mist to give life to the pictures with few colors.
Relight -Mejorar Fotos (AppStore Link)
Relight – improve photos

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