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Indications of public transport will come to Spain very soon

Already made some time that the main war between Google and Apple was focused on who had the best mapping service. And is that we cannot forget that at the beginning of iOS, the boys of the search for excellence, Google, had several applications installed natively on the operating system of which later became its main competitor, Apple. So that the main app maps was Google Maps, and Youtube came installed natively on iOS; even could be delete (or hide) as is the case now…

But one day Apple got tired of relying on Google and decided to become independent by launching its own mapping app, Apple dare Apple Maps (or maps in Spain), that Yes, with initially complicated since it launched maps full of errors. But little by little the guys at Cupertino got to work to get better every time its mapping service, is how we have the Apple Maps that we have today. What’s new, Apple Maps extend their indications of public transport to more countries, among them will be Spain…

The news not was confirmed by Apple, and we hope that we don’t have to wait for iOS 11 to have this novelty of Apple Maps, something which many hope as water may to forget applications like Google Maps or Citty Mapper, which at the end we use just to have information about the public transport. I think Apple Maps has improved substantially and have this information about the public transport is essential.

According to public information from MacRumors, the upcoming cities include transport information will be: Madrid, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, and Taiwan. So for now only we have to wait, if you want to see Apple Maps transportation advances, there are some users who looking for metro in Madrid stations because they can see the delimitation of stations drawn in the map itself.

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