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Infuse 5 is updated with significant new features

Currently the only option that can find in the App Store if need a player of video that us play any format, regardless of them codecs used, is Infuse 5, an application that makes ones months is renewed by full, forcing to them users of the version earlier, Infuse 4, to have that pass by box. While it is true that this application is not cheap, costing 12,99 EUR or 7.99 euros if you want to opt for an annual subscription, is worth every euro it costs, because as I said there is no other option in the App Store that is not only compatible with all formats on the market, but because it also offers us the option to play videos stored on our hard drive network through Plex , Kodi, NAS…

Infuse 5 allows us to reproduce contents directly stored in the service of storage in the cloud that we use, sync, is compatible with AirPlay and Google Cast, as well as being compatible with the 4th generation Apple TV. Infuse 5 has just received a new update that added new functions, functions which in some cases may be simple, but if we make extensive use of it, are very well received. Among the major developments that Infuse 5 5.2 version offers are:

  • Search both within folders and libraries.
  • Support for videos in DVD format, either ISO/IMG or VIDEO_TS or dvdmedia.
  • Longer be effected streaming from NFS drives
  • The titles are displayed according to the date of release.
  • At the time of start/resume/search content buffer, has been improved so that the load is now much faster.
  • It has also improved the reliability of the WebDAV connections
  • Improvements in the security and stability of the application.

The application is no longer available in the App Store

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