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Is this the iPhone 8 which would you like to see?

¿Es este el iPhone 8 que te gustaría ver?

Although many of us have not yet clear what will happen this year with the flagship of Apple, the latest rumors (and not so latest) are running in the direction of a complete redesign of the iPhone that we have both missed in 2016, and that it would include the transition to new materials such as stainless steel and glass (nor in this case are new materials strictly speaking) that would leave aside aluminum that we have been seeing in the iPhone from the iPhone 5.

Now Imran Taylor has met the main rumors about the next 8 of Apple iPhone and it has developed a concept that reflects how you could be the next bite Apple smartphone. It is the one you see on these words, but would you like to find out more in detail?

An iPhone would reinvented 8?

Brand new 2017 is a year of great importance for Apple. It is not the first time that I say it, or won’t be the last either, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. For 2016 sales of the iPhone have lived, so to speak, a slowdown, and for the first time in thirteen years, Apple has seen how their income and their benefits were reduced. Even so, in 2016 Apple opted for not innovate, presenting us an iPhone 7 that rather should have is called “iPhone 7 S S”. Many will not agree, but I won’t be me more popish Pope you and the reality is that it is an enhanced phone whose production must already be reduced for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, Apple has not used the crisis of Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung is willing to their great fault is relegated to oblivion with a stunning Galaxy S8. In fact, if the rumors that we have seen recently, Apple is going to have to work much to make your iPhone 8 better than the Galaxy S8, operating systems aside are met.

But 2017 is also the tenth anniversary of the presentation and subsequent launch of the first iPhone, the “original iPhone”, as we now call it.

Well, everything seems to be colluding to force Apple to innovate in 2017 and to submit an iPhone that will surprise us as long it does not, at least from 2013.

All these “duties” on the table, the rumors and leaks suggest iPhone 8 to leave their housing aluminium in favour of a return to the design in glass and stainless steel that will remind us much the line iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. So much so that I thought for a second that the concept developed by Imran Taylor was the image of an iPhone 4.

The design prepared by Imran Taylor we can see a possible iPhone 8 presenting a thin band of steel along its perimeter side joining the front and back of the device, parts manufactured both in glass.

The last time Apple made use of a band of stainless steel with a glass design was in the iPhone 4s. Subsequently, with the iPhone 5, went to the aluminium, which has remained up to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

On the back of this concept of iPhone 8 can also observe other rumors lurking in this terminal as a double vertical camera and even a Smart Connector as the introducer online iPad Pro, certainly, we do not know what could serve on the iPhone.

The analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, was who informed for the first time that Apple was working on a design with glass back, although subsequent reports from Foxconn and the suppliers of glass, would confirm this change.  A more recent report suggests that stainless steel band along the entire perimeter of the phone. In addition, lyou edges of the screen would be curved, in addition to disappear almost entirely by the marcos.

Is this the iPhone 8 with which Apple surprised in 2017? Is this the iPhone 8 hopefully? It is too early to draw conclusions, but if so, I am afraid that many are going us to think too much.

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