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It brings together all notifications in one place with Confero 2, now compatible with iOS 10

Throughout the day, especially when we leave your phone unattended for a long period of time, it is likely that when we do, this full of notices, whether they be applications, messaging, emails… For access to all them touches us go looking for where each application to open it and check the pending notifications. But thanks to the jailbreak can meet all applications with pending notification balloons in one place: the status bar. Confero 2 offers much more easily manage all notices that we have in our device.

Confero 2 is located in the top right of the screen in the State to be more concrete bar and clicking on it shows us a shortcut to all applications that have received any notification for as long as we have agreed to the terminal, which will prevent us having to go looking for iPhone applications with balloons. Within Confero 2 configuration options, we can activate or deactivate the tweak according to our needs, choose blur mode when we make use of the tweak, hide all the balloons of notifications of the home screen that display only through Confero 2, customize apps with notification balloons.

But also, Confero 2 allows us to activate or deactivate the animation displayed when click on the icon in the status bar, as we can see in the above GIF. Confero 2 has just been upgraded to be compatible with iOS 10 and is priced at 1.99 dollars through the BigBoss repo. But if you are a user of this tweak in earlier versions of iOS only you’ll have to pay 0.99 euros.

What you think about this new way of managing the notifications?

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