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Just Sing comes to iOS to use the iPhone as a microphone and camera

No one can deny that mobile devices have evolved rapidly in recent years (few years better said). A few devices that allow us to do things as an extension of ourselves. And but think in what would be a third screen, to be able to use our device to interact with another…

Today we bring you one choice of what is this third screen option, what sometimes is called transmedia, to interact with our smartphones next third devices, our consoles in this case. And not is the first example, from makes some time have seen companion apps for play to games like GTA for example. Now we see something quite interesting, use our iPhone to play a game of Karaoke, Just Sing…

Already some time ago that the game Just Sing, a game with more than 40 songs to PlayStation 4 and Xbox Onewas launched, and you know, the typical game karaoke that everyone pulls out their holiday at home. Well, what’s new in Just Sing is the possibility of using our iPhones to be able to interact with the game. Already not will need a microphone Bluetooth or USB, our iPhone will be who make this function, and not only that, also will leave in the screen of our TV with fun effects thanks to the camera of our iPhone, an added rather than makes even more interesting to Just Sing facing their competitors.

Sing or even make lip-sync (that that do many in those concerts so seems that us the know) is something that can do with this new app of Just Sing for iOS. The app Just Sing for iOS is completely free although obviously will need to have the game Just Sing for PlayStation 4 or Xbox, i.e., that have that pay by the. An option more to take advantage of these games karaoke, the truth is that not is it first but well by them by provide us more options to them games for parties with our video game consoles.

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