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Keyboard shortcuts to be much more productive with Spotlight

An of the features more powerful of them Mac and that perhaps happens too unnoticed is Spotlight. At first may seem a simple search engine built into macOS, but is actually much more than that and get used to using it can mark a before and a later in the productivity we get with our computer.

In addition to search for files or folders to the length and breadth of the storage of your Mac system, Spotlight also allows us to perform other actions such as searches on Internet, queries against the integrated dictionary of the operating system, mathematical calculations, search within files or apps installed on our computer, etc, etc…

Atajos de teclado para Spotlight

Despite being a tool as powerful for many passes a little inadvertent, since we only find it in the form of an icon in the upper right corner of the screen; within the menu bar. However, learn to use this function and incorporate it in our day to day can suppose a great difference as said before.

Collection of keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight

Something that can help us to get still more out of Spotlight and be much more productive are included on every Mac keyboard shortcuts including this powerful tool .

Then we leave you with a collection of keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight. With them will be able to take still more party to the “search integrated of macOS” and be much more agile using our Mac.

The first, and probably the most important to get us to use Spotlight, CMD + space. We can use it anywhere in our Mac and what it does is Open Spotlight.

Ventana Spotlight

A time open, can use the following shortcuts to realize more what want do with them results of search that us gives it utility.

  • CMD +,: displays the window of Spotlight preferences.
  • CMD +.: removes the text introduced in the bar in search of Spotlight.
  • CMD + R or CMR + Enter: when we have selected a file in Spotlight, opens its location in Finder.
  • CMD + T: opens the item selected in a new tab.
  • CMD + K: looking for what we have written on Wikipedia.
  • CMD + B: looking for what we have written on Google.
  • CMD + I: opens the selected file information window.
  • CMD + D: opens the result of the search in the dictionary.
  • CMD + L: force written in the dictionary search.
  • CMD + arrow up or down: goes to the first result of the next category.

As you can see, they are keyboard shortcuts that are useful and that we can serve to be much more agile when it comes to using our Mac.

Of course not all the keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight shown here are useful for all users. At this point, we must think about the use we make of our computer and learn the shortcuts that will be most useful in our day to day.

Do you use Spotlight on a regular basis?

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