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LG introduces Hub Robot, the new competitor of Google Home and Amazon Echo

When Amazon launched a couple of years ago the Assistant Alexa through Amazon Echo, who was going to say that eventually it would be the pioneer of a large number of devices that reach the market this year. Amazon Echo devices have evolved over the years and are becoming more useful, above all thanks to the compatibility with the demotic in the House, to be able to turn on the lights, turn off the air conditioning, play music from a specific singer, offer traffic information, inform us of our calendar events…

Over the past year we have spoken several times about the possibility that Apple wants to plunge into this market. But if you really want to offer a device that can stand up to Amazon Echo, first of all should improve interaction with Siri, that is true has improved for a while now, still lacks much to Polish.

While it is confirmed or is belies the interest of Apple in these devices, the new partner of Apple, LG, has just introduced the Hub Robot, a virtual assistant that performs almost the same functions as Alexa, since Hub Robot is manage by Amazon voice recognition system. But to difference of the model of Amazon and Google, the Hub Robot us offers a design friendly and anthropomorphic, that integrates a screen where show information besides pictures and with which can set alarms, play music, see the information meteorological or of the time…

It is also capable of conversations showing different expressions on the screen as well as monitor the number of members of our family who arrives or thanks to facial recognition that includes to offer personalized information will be home when US recognized. Regarding the price and availability of time is not known, but should have a price similar to those currently offered by Amazon on your device Echo more expensive, due to the benefits we offer.

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