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Line launches new Apple Pencil-compatible functions

Applications to draw or sign ideas are very numerous in the App Store. A device like the iPad allows you to draw or take notes easily. But with the launch of the iPad Pro, the developers realized that the device had much more potential to draw to an iPad Air. One of the apps to perform drawings is line, an app that stands out for its simplicity, but at the same time equipped with very powerful tools. It works on any iPad but ensure that the user experience is much better on an iPad Pro. In its new update, include news relating to the Apple Pencil, the perfect tool to complement these applications.

Apple Pencil does not go unnoticed in the online app

Line adopts a different approach and gives you the right balance of power and control to draw without effort. The focus stays where must be: in your ideas, not on the tools.

As I said, the previous slogan is the base that sustains line, an application that has gone unnoticed for a long time and that now, update after update is improving greatly. In this case, has been updated to version 1.0.2 (as you can see, is a very young app) with news that may interest more than one:

  • Apple Pencil: each line tool has been associated with various actions of Apple Pencil. As discussed in the description we have several functions:
    • Technical pen: a soft stroke along the pencil
    • Artistic pencil: soft and wide shading that varies with size and pressure settings
    • Pen: with different aspects such as calligraphic writing
    • Marker: is used to color areas of the screen
    • Draft: rounded tip or flat to delete
  • Movement of sketches between projects: is a very useful tool to transfer drawings that are in one project, to another… a kind of “cut and paste”
  • AirPlay or Apple TV: a choice of image output from the iPad to an AirPlay or Apple TV-compatible external source is configured
  • Improvements and bug fixes: improved the operation of the Apple Pencil throughout the application; also fixed a mistake jumping to try to change the name of a project.

Linea - Sketch Simply (AppStore Link)
Line – Sketch Simply

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