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Living photos: 7 Plus iPhone is the most popular model of the moment

iPhone 7 Plus

Yesterday was held the Conference in which Apple announced financial results for its first fiscal quarter of the year, which turned out to be better than expected in general terms. It is true that if we do the annual computation we can see that fewer iPhones last year have been sold (215 vs. 231 million units) and sales of iPads continue lowering much regardless the model that has been on the market (13 M vs. 16 million last year), but that does not put the Californian company in an enviable position. Service revenue (Apple Music, App Store, iTunes,…) never cease to grow and it has managed to keep the sales of Mac.

However, the absolute protagonist of all this is the iPhone. Yesterday it was confirmed something that already intuited from the launch of new models in September: 7 Plus iPhone has been the best model “Plus” so far in terms of sales. According to the own Cook, and they expected the tremendous reception which was from the beginning, which affected the production chains.

Actually, as many already pointed from his presentation, double this model camera is a reason in itself to choose the iPhone 7 Plus instead of the 4.7-inch model. It the first iPhone that offers a jump considerable when it comes to photographs of face is the user medium, something that customers seem to be valued in a manner very positive to opt for this model.

One of the main obstacles encountered by users when choosing one or the other, are still the dimensions, something that is not helped by the frames surrounding the screen of the iPhone, especially noticeable in the Plus model. This year it is expected that Apple will reduce the size at the edges, adding more screen or decreasing the overall size of the device. Perhaps then the Plus model walk definitively toward hegemony.

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