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Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm a detector to be quiet before possible fire

Fires are probably the most distressing accidents that we have in our home, some accidents are usually caused by unexpected and for which many countries tend to be prepared… And is that are many the detectors of fumes that can find us in the market, detectors that you will see in many houses or establishments commercial.

While it is true that in Spain it is not very common to find us with fire detection devices, it is very normal to find them in other countries, some devices which, from my point of view, everyone should have to act as soon as possible before any problem that we have in our home, and the fire it is something quite important… NETATMO is probably the manufacturer that more is taking advantage of all the possibilities of the HomeKit and by this now we present it Smart Smoke Alarm, an alarm anti fire that US warns before any problem directly in our iPhone.

As can see in the image above, the Smart Smoke Alarm it place in the place where is produce more fire in our home: the kitchen (obviously). A detector of fire that that as you say uses the technology of the HomeKit of Apple to warn whenever there are us before any presence of smoke in our home. If is gives the case will begin to sound if same in addition to warn whenever there are us directly in our iPhone, even can configure recipes of TWITTERFEED so is turn on them lights of our home. All this with a battery that holds up to 10 years so we don’t have us to worry about anything.

In addition, if you want to be the sea of insurance, also have launched the Indoor Security Siren, an alarm that is capable of emitting sounds to more than 110 decibels to any intrusion into our home, obviously we will be notified in real time and receive the images that go capturing camera.

We leave you with the video presentation that launched Netatmo in the Smoke Alarm Smart guys if you are thinking of improving the security of your House… Already know, to 10 years invites us to possible fire in our home. And if it combináis with the Indoor Security Siren can be more than secure.

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