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New videos of the 2nd Apple Campus in light of drone

several n now the months that we are seeing the 2nd Apple Campus progress since work began. On the one hand the Cupertino company will from time to time throwing images of their advances in the project and on the other hand we have these drone pilots who show us from the sky all the details and progress made by workers in this new command centre for Apple.

There are not many changes

This is the video that leaves us the youtuber Duncan Sinfield, in your channel:

In this video is can see them windows of the enclosure already placed, as is advances also in the part superior of the ring, the parking for the employees and many details more. But if this video you find some, let another Matthew Roberts, another of which monthly leaves us its report video on the progress of the work on the Apple Campus 2:

If there is no last-minute delays expected that this year in the middle of year they can already begin to move and work in the Spaceship are built. Apple operations centre follows the progress of construction and it is true that torrential rains of days ago in the city of Cupertino not allowed advance too outside, but continued to work on the inside to have it finished in the marked time.

Every month we are reporting on the evolution of the works on view of drone, this is one of the best ways to see the evolution of the entire complex but it is true that it would be interesting to have more photos of the interior as that they saw also makes a couple of months, but this time is not possible.

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