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Now you can buy at the Apple Store from your Apple Watch

apple-store-apple-watchThe last update of the application Apple Store aims to that them shopping are even more fast, just in time for the season Christmas. With the latest version we have available in the Apple Store not only has adapted (finally) the application rich notifications of iOS 10, but that in addition we already see our favorite products on the screen of our Apple Watch, and you can even buy them directly from the watch using Apple Pay.

The application Apple Store, free and universal, already has with the compatibility with them notifications enriched of iOS 10, this means that can interact with them from the screen of lock without having that unlock the iPhone. But perhaps the characteristic more important of this new update is the possibility of see our products favorite. Not have access to the catalog full of the shop of Apple, only to those articles that have marked as favorite from the application for iPhone, iPad or from the web. Also us will allow see them orders that have made, as well as the location of them shops more nearby and those workshops that is develop in them.

But the surprise has come to be able to buy directly from the application of intelligent Apple clock. If marks a product as a favorite you can buy it from the clock using Apple Pay. Is curious that not is used it has of Apple, as occurs in the application for iPhone or in the web, but are them cards that have added to Apple Pay which is used to pay the asked. You can not buy (at least for now) “cheap” as for example covers only accessories, expensive products. We buy these Christmas the AirPods from our Apple Watch? At the moment I do not allow me to buy anything, not give me the option of using Apple Pay. Know if it is that this function is only available in the United States or if it will take to extend for the rest of countries.

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