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PDF Expert, the best editor of PDF for Mac, iPhone and iPad

In the market there are plenty of programs to work with PDF files, but none as comprehensive and well developed as PDF Expert. The application has has earned the title of best editor for Mac PDF and all that test matches that is a must for anyone needing to work with such files.

PDF Expert is a PDF editor quick, robust and very accurate. Among its features, you can find the possibility to make notes about any PDF, edit text and images, filling forms and even sign contracts in a digital and with legal validity. A software all in one to work with PDF that should not be missing in any Mac (and that there is also a version for iPhone and iPad which is complemented perfectly by the desktop version).

PDF Expert

Would you like to know more about PDF Expert? If you have responded that Yes read on to know some of the most important characteristics that define this program.

Reading of PDFs

Although PDF Expert as an editor of such files, the software also has functions for reading.

Whether you work with files of a few pages, as if you have to review documents of thousands of pages, reading functions work fast and agile.

Función de lectura de PDFs

The reading mode has several display modes (day, night and sepia) to adapt the colors on the screen to the environment in which you find yourself, something no doubt grateful for your eyes.

Of course it also functions to make notes on PDF documents. Thanks to this you can highlight the most important parts and return to them whenever you need it in a fast and direct way.

Edit PDF has never been so easy

The editing of PDF files is the most strong point of PDF Expert. Thanks to the software, you can make changes in any document already created or create your own from scratch.

Editar archivos PDF

You can edit all the texts of the documents, insert new images or remove any of them which they already included, correct typos, add links to websites or other documents, etc, etc…

Editing of PDF documents is done through an simple, intuitive interface with different tools that allow you to change any document from top to bottom.

Fill in forms and sign contracts

View previous, the macOS native PDF Viewer does not allow completed forms in PDF and much less to sign contracts, but with PDF Expert, this will be no impediment.

Rellenar PDF

The application is compatible with the fillable PDF that many government agencies, associations, companies use and similar for what can filling any document without having to print it, fill it in by hand and then scan.

In addition, the signature feature is also available, so you can digitally sign any contract (or other document). All without need to spend paper, ink and printer, the most valuable of all, your time.

Integration with the cloud

PDF Expert is perfectly integrated with services in the cloud as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and similar. Thanks to this you can collaborate at distance with any person who is a user of these services and work remotely without complications.

Colaborar en la nube con PDF Expert

In addition, the version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of PDF Expert integrates seamlessly with the Mac version, so you can transfer all your documents easily from your computer to your mobile device and vice versa. A feature that would be very useful if you need to always carry all or certain documents.

Download PDF Expert for Mac

There are two ways to download PDF Expert for Mac: through the official store of its developers (Readdle) or from the Mac App Store.

If you opt for the version distributed developers you can download the software and try it before you have to purchase a full license. You can download it from the following site.

If you prefer the option of the Mac App Store, you can access the product page from the following box:

WP-Appbox: PDF Expert – edit, record and signed PDFs (€59.99, Mac App Store) →

Download PDF Expert for iPad and iPhone

The version for Apple mobile devices is only available through the App Store. You can download it by clicking on the following box:

WP-Appbox: Expert PDF 5 – read, fill in, scoring and signed PDFs (€9.99, App Store) →

PDF Expert is available in: Spanish, French, German, simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and English.

For us it has become essential in our equipment software and therefore occupies a position in our collection with the best programs for Mac.

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