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Periscope allows us to delete the cache of the PPP to win free space

The launch of the new iPhone models 7 and 7 Plus, meant the end of devices 16 GB, being the smaller device 32 GB model, a change that had cost much to the guys at Cupertino and finally did. All users who have the misfortune of having a 16 GB iPhone insurance that see and want in managing the space on your device.

In the App Store we can find various applications that worry of space which can come to occupy the same cache, a cache that eventually can come to occupy truths barbarities. Periscope is one of them and after the last update allows us to free space of our iPhone clear cache.

The latest update of the application of Twitter Periscope, ale EU application can transmit from anywhere in the live world of a fast and simple way, offers us the possibility to delete all the files that are part of the cache, files that with time can be an important part of our device space.

But it is not the only change that has brought us this update, since in addition added a new tab called activity, with which we can see at all times when a user has seen our videos, or when we have managed to attract the interest of a new supporter.

Although it was not the first, Periscope if that was the tool that put in the hands of everyone the possibility to broadcast our environment from anywhere, simply by making use of our smartphone. Although the service has fallen slightly in popularity, due to the launch of Facebook Live, the Periscope of the social network backup, the Twitter application allows us to directly access the live webcasts published on the microblogging network without having to download the official application.

Periscope (AppStore Link)

Twitter, Inc.

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