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Podcast 8 × 29: It was time for the Mac

It seemed that it would never come, but Apple, in an interview with the main technological means, has advanced to what are your plans for their computers. The Mac will remain a key element within the company and this year will be new iMac, leaving the new Mac Pro and the new screens Pro 2018. Great news for those who feared that Apple shelved computers focusing on mobile devices and other accessories launched these past few months. We also analyze other news related to the world of technology. Are you going to lose?

In addition to the news and opinion about the news of the week, we will also answer questions from our listeners. We have all week active on Twitter #podcastapple hashtag so we ask what you want, we make suggestions or what you passes through the head. Questions, tutorials, opinion and review of applications, any thing has no place in this section that you will occupy the final part of our podcast and we want to help us make every week.

As already started last season, this year the podcast of current iPhone you can follow live on through our YouTube channel and participate in it through together to the Podcast team and other spectators chat. Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications of when starts the live recording the podcast, as well as when to add other videos we publish in it. Continue of course also available on iTunes so you can listen to it whenever you want using your favorite podcast application. We recommend that you suscribáis on iTunes so that the episodes are downloaded automatically as they become available. Do you want to hear it here himself? Well you have just below the player to do so. We also have playlist in Apple Music with the music that plays in the podcast.

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