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Prism includes a store of filters in its innovative application

Applications to edit photos are a success in the App Store. Most of them include content that can be purchased inside as specialized brushes or specific functions. I still remember a year ago when everyone was wondering what application was used to get such beautiful images, this application was Prism, one of the tools that gave so much to talk about at the time. Its slowness was put in discussion, although later Prism labs managed to speed up the processing time your application making a success in sales. Today, the application has been updated by adding a store of filters and a tool for that most active users to create their own filters.

Prism, an innovative and original application, is updated

Prism turns your photos into works of art using the style of famous artists: Munch, Picasso… as well as ornaments and designs of world fame. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence will help you convert memorable moments in timeless art.

Prism was a success in its time? Nothing more and nothing less because it was innovative. Innovative in the sense of making use of a technology that few applications had been using until then: artificial intelligence and neural networks. Through this neural network, developers were able to develop an app that analyzed each image individually and became completely different in the style of many painters. In addition, introduced incredible filters that today are still used by most active users of this app.

Today, Prism has been updated including a shop of filters, a tool that will bring much more originality to the designs of the users. In addition, Prism labs (the developer) has promised the weekly new filters and styles, incorporating possibly every weekend. In this shop for filters, users of the application can share and vote what styles are the most like them, in order to provide new users with the preference of other active users.

On the other hand, have created an online platform where users than using enforcement believe their own filters and styles and upload them to the store. Only can access them a small number of people, although in the future, the tool will reach Prism for all users.

Prisma: Free Photo Editor, Art Filters Pic Effects (AppStore Link)
Prism: Free Photo Editor, Art Filters Pic Effects

Prism labs, inc.

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