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Qardio presents QardioCore, band to monitor our hearts compatible with iOS

QardioCore de QardioNext Thursday will give commencement CES 2017, but January 5th is the official date which will start the event. Many companies take advantage of the days prior to stay ahead of the competition and to begin to talk about their products before the others. So did Qardio with QardioCore, a kind of chest strap to monitor our heart and other medical measurements which was presented two years ago as the first monitor ECG wearable.

With QardioCore, the user that takes this band pectoral can check your health cardiovascular without having that carry cables with their corresponding patches. Although the design differs much, this device us remembers much to them heart rate monitors sports, those that are put around the chest and that are much more reliable that any bracelet, included the Apple Watch, by be more near the heart and, what perhaps is more important, move is less.

QardioCore, the first monitor ECG wearable already available for your book

The QardioCore has been approved by the FDA and uses sensors to save an electrocardiogram must, pulse, variations of the pulse, frequency respiratory, temperature and data of activity. These data are can share with professionals of the medicine or synchronized with the application health of Apple via Bluetooth. Also the data can be synchronized with the Qardio application.

With regard to its autonomy, Qardio ensures that this band pectoral can endure all a day of use continuous with a single load that is performed via USB-to, but still not has specified others details as how much time will take in load is. QardioBase and Board will be during the CES in Las Vegas that will start next Thursday when they provide more information on QardioCore and other devices of the company, as the blood pressure monitor smart QardioArm, the wireless scale and body scanner QardioMD doctor.

What we do know now is that it is now available for your reservation for a price of €499, a price that may seem high from the point of view of someone does not need it, but that it is not so much if we believe that you can reach life-saving. For now I, I think that I am not wrong, I prefer my Apple Watch.

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