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Qualcomm responds to accusations of Apple forcefully

We are currently complicated at the junction of demands between Apple and Qualcomm, which just began earlier this year when Apple sued directly to Qualcomm for 1,000 million dollars due to the high price of this patent. Now everything is in that point of tension where between a company and the other accusations are consistent, also both already have been the faces in court previously. In this case the company’s chips declares that those of Cupertino are manipulating them and that he was not employed full potential of chips making them by not publishing the comparative performance between these processors…

According to Qualcomm, Apple did not reveal the performance of the iPhone with its processors that “clearly exceeded the performance of the Intel”. All this will now focus on a long and tedious process in which according to Tim Cook, the company Qualcomm wanted to charge even for technologies that have nothing to do with the performance of the processors. In short a crossing of accusations just as always before the courts.

We are accustomed to seeing to Cupertino in legal battles and on this occasion we are to other demands that can bring tail since these processes are complicated to treat and when both companies are as strong as Apple and Qualcomm, this can be a process that lasts years. So we already have on the table, another battle that started last January in which those in Cupertino have continued adding demands as well as the of United States in China and in the United Kingdom. Throughout this process has not done more to start and we are sure that it will be something which will talk for a few months or even years.

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