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Samsung sales fall for third consecutive year

There would be a market of mobile telephony as fantastic as the present if we do not find three really strong cornerstones. In this case we can point to Samsung, Huawei and Apple as the leaders of the sector, in an individual reflection that I would like to share with you, readers. However, one of the three legs of this bench is weaker, while the advertising tool of the “Mass Media” intend to hide it. According to the analysis, Samsung falls for the third consecutive year in sales volume stood below the statistics that the company offered there by 2012.

The daily Telegraph has issued a report, by the hand of, which analyzes the sales volume that Samsung has been dragging since 2011. We can see how the question grew potentially the year 2011-2013, however, everything portends that people no longer trust Samsung as your mobile service provider. All these sales are taking them to companies but are moving more modest, their quality and power leaves no wish anyone, speak effectively brands such as Huawei and Motorola. Thus, in Spain, Huawei has become the number one manufacturer of telephony in terms of sales.

However, it is not good time to mobile phone apparently, and is that Samsung is not alone at all, Xiaomi has also presented a financial and sales data devastating when compared with those of past years. According to analysts, Samsung could suffer a significant sales freeze in the North American market, in favour of Oppo and Huawei, more precisely.

These are facts that we have been sharing months ago. In Spain, however, it is difficult to reach this conclusion, a market dominated by Android clearly and that shows much device Samsung down the street.

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