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Skate City, the creators of high ‘ s Adventure announce new game of Skateboard

Skate CityPersonally I am not a big fan of the title, but when we are browsing the section of video games from the App Store, one of the featured games we often see is high completo Adventure, a title created by Snowman. If you like his previous creation, you may be happy to know that Snowman has teamed up with Agens and announced Skate City, a game that probably enjoy as much as the previous one but whose sport is not the Snowboard and Skateboard.

Them teams of Snowman and Agens ensure that les has liked the Skateboard from makes much time and that share your passion by this sport them has led to join is to create a game on it. Ryan Cash, founder of Snowman, explained how the game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater you influenced in the creation of high ‘ s Adventure.

Skate City is born by her passion for the Skateboard of two developers

As we can see in the final seconds of the promotional video of Skate City, this new game of Skateboard graphics will be much better than the of high completo Adventure, but I think that you in order to ensure that they will not be the strong point of the game, or we hope it isn’t it. What if will have these graphics is that will be capable of show environments Metropolitan in movement with traffic, pedestrians and others objects. It also seems that the weather conditions will change.

In my opinion, the video previous tries to capture the attention of them skaters much more than show the game in itself, something that is shown by them 58 seconds in which is come (bad) drawings of a skater moving is by different scenarios and them only 6 seconds of images of the game in itself. Only with this can not know much more about how the Skate City but if it manages to be popular than high completo Adventure half, we can say that it will have been a success.

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