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Snapseed is updated for iOS by adding a new tool: curves


We can find a large number of applications that allow us to edit our photos to set the result to what they would have liked, but that the rush or the circumstances take, we have been able to get in the App Store. One of the used is Snapseed, an application that Google cares much, and constantly updated. Mountain View boys have just released a new update of this application with a new feature called curves as well as various improvements to try to convince those users that prefer to make use of other photo editing apps.

The main novelty that us brings the update number 2.15 of Snapseed is associated with a new function called curves. If you usually edit photos with other desktop or from iPhone or iPad apps, sure you know this function as it allows us to adjust the brightness, color and tone of the photographs. But also offers us various presets that analyze the image to give us the result more suited to the result we are looking for.

Snapseed also has improved the algorithm for detecting the face, of this form is much more easy for the application while that simple, detecting only the face eliminating the Fund. If us like customize our captures with texts, this update has added the option of Add jumps of line in styles of texts with several lines, an option very expected by the users but that Google not is had decided to implement.

For finish the last novelty it found at the time of convert an image in white and black, especially if it takes is has made with little light, the grain of the same highlights above all, but with this update, the grain is blurs removing prominence to the image main.

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