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So-called scheme of iPhone 8 partly hopefully is not true

OK, we are satisfied that this scheme of iPhone screen is what many are looking forward to, but there are a couple of details that leave us a little “alarmed” as for the rest of the device and we believe that it is not necessary to explain what we see because all what we are seeing in the image who heads this article. Sensor Touch ID can not go in the back of the iPhone, we refuse to see this and as a second key issue is the dual camera vertically! This cannot be true. For the rest of the scheme there is no complaint, Apple continues in the back and the screen enjoy frameworks really small… Sarcasm aside, hopefully Apple redesigned well Touch ID behind the screen and do not put it in the back and the camera follow 7 Plus, horizontal in the same position as iPhone.

We are with the fly behind the ear after seeing this filtration and recent rumours about the problems that would be taking Apple to implement the fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the screen, but seeing this scheme I am able to say that I prefer a thousand times dispense with smaller frameworks in the new device that let it as we have shown in these diagrams filtered in the social network Weibo.

In this sense the drawing shows an iPhone 8 measures: 149 mm high, 72.5 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick – leaving aside the double Chamber – and to compare with the current model we are talking about that 7 iPhone has some measures of 138 mm high, 67.1 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick , which display OLED here would be much larger than that of the 7 iPhone which is 4.7 inch reaching 5.8 inches.

Placement of Touch ID on the back can be uncomfortable in some situations, for example when we are charging the device on a table or simply when we have it on the table. It is true that there is talk scanner IRIS for the unlock for this model of iPhone, but it is something that many users don’t want to see on the iPhone by implemented rather that it is. On the other hand having the camera in vertical already is something that also has been rumored for this new iPhone, worse hope not so finally since we do not see a utility to have the camera in that position and the LED flash just below. Aesthetically and in my personal opinion, the iPhone so it would be ugly for more screen without frames you have in the lead.

We will wait to see if there is more data pointing to this path but we are many that we hope that this new iPhone does not have this design on the back, despite the improvement in the display.

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