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So would the iPhone 8 according to schemes by an employee

As you know, Apple has several subcontracts in China which are responsible for assembling and manufacturing parts of the vast majority of their devices. The iPhone are no exception, and while is almost half a year so that we can finally see the expected special for the tenth anniversary iPhone (perhaps more than confirmed the rumor that would come in October or November), we don’t let see interesting leaks. The last comes directly from the production line, or so they say, and This is the result in schema of what the iPhone according to someone who has seen it.

As you could imagine us, the iPhone is going to continue with a dual camera on its back, portrait effect and zoom like many users and is something which certainly aren’t willing to give. In the same way, according to a reconstruction created by Benjamin Geskin, known for other recreations based on rumors, iPhone will be added to the fashion of the front panels that take advantage of the vast majority of the screen, and frankly, is something that we like to almost all users. Apple needs a change, if not radical to the less ostentatious, which would make it back to the top of the design where technology is concerned.

Supposedly, a worker of the chain of production of special for the tenth anniversary iPhone has entered into visual contact with the same, and has decided to capture what he saw in a kind of scheme that does not dislike at all. However, the work of Benjamin Geskin transporting to render ele scheme made by the so-called informant has been just as spectacular. As well, we are going to take a look more closely to see what are the novelties presented to us in the face this X or iPhone iPhone tenth anniversary Special Edition.

How is the iPhone of 2017?

We started with a change of available on the camera that will leave us speechless, only year and a half after that Apple chose to add a double rear camera with horizontal lines, opt for a vertical layout for this double lens in which would be the iPhone of the year 2017. Without a doubt, this new provision is intended to let the great breadth of your new screen, and we are getting used to make pictures and videos to horizontal.

Similarly, we see how it leaves us the classic Home button, the most radical changes in the device. Front frames become reduced to exhaustion, something like what offer us the Samsung Galaxy S8, but ignoring the curvature at the edges of the panel that are entirely unnecessary (referred to wings corners, not to the curved glass). And yet despite all this it seems that they add new content to the top, a series of sensors that will perhaps focused perform best selfies or any type of iris scanner.

We continue with the absence of the physical Home button, now we have a so-called “area of function”, we imagine to be the classic dock that until now we have had available and that you will have no more shortcuts. Away from what we imagined, Apple has not added a button on the side more to iPhone, it seems that we will have the ‘Power’ button on the site and your Inbox for nanoSIM card. The same applies to the other side, the mute button persists along with the volume buttons available. Few more conclusions can be drawn, except some choppy equine that we imagine are as well since a material other than metal will be included to achieve better coverage or protection to the impact do you what do you think of these filtered schemes that offer us the iPhone that the Cupertino company could release during the year 2017? It seems everything that we demanded, in the absence of known materials of the rear part.

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