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Sony Xperia XZ Premium has been the best smartphone for MWC 2017

As approaching the celebration of the MWC, confirmed that Samsung would not pursue his new ship logo, the Samsung Galaxy S8, a story that descafeinó the event, since several years the Korean company presenting its ship logo in this event. The Korean company has planned to introduce this new device on March 29 in New York, as that made last year with the Galaxy Note 7, terminal which had to be withdrawn from the market due to explosions that was suffering. In the absence of the Galaxy S8 device that has most caught the attention at MWC and that has been considered the best smartphone of the fair has been Sony’s Xperia XZ premium.

What most draws the attention of this device is the possibility to record videos in HD at 960 fps, ratio of frames that hitherto had not been on any smartphone. Currently the iPhone 7 allows us to record as much at 240 fps. Another new feature offered by this terminal is that if it will be managed by the Snapdragon 835, a chip that would only be available initially in the Galaxy S8, according to many rumours which forced LG to use Snapdragon 821 on its ship logo, G6, which also has been presented at this fair, but it has failed to obtain the award for the best smartphone.

Xperia XZ Premium also is the first smartphone to use a screen with 4k resolution, a resolution that will seriously affect the battery of the device, in addition to offering a quality that only 5.5 inch can be seen clearly. At Sony, they are not stupid and this resolution will only be used when content that has to show offer this resolution, meanwhile, the resolution both menus and applications will be in Full HD. The price of this terminal, the company has not disclosed it but will be the highest range of the company by which codeará in prices with the high-end, stood probably between 750 and 850 dollars. Expected arrival for the first half of the year.

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