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Spotify could be thinking about launching your own device

Spotify is seeing as Apple Music is rapidly increasing its users, and this is something that are getting thanks to be one of the brands with more devices on the market, and Apple Music come natively and up give us 3 free months ago pretty… at the end there are many users who opt to stay at Apple Music passing through the ring to pay.

But Spotify is not far behind, is in fact the music streaming with more users service, and after the good data from Apple want to go even further. And is that if you have a large number of users thanks to Apple’s devices, Apple Music Spotify wants the same thing: launch their own devices. After the jump we give all the details of the job offer that has been leaked on the web of Spotify and it would be associated with this new product that Spotify could be thinking to launch the market.

The news of the possible launch of a new device of Spotify would be related to an job offer which was released, and eliminated the use of Spotify Web that is required by a person with the aim of leading a new team in charge of a new hardware that would improve the experience of users of Spotify. Then we leave you with the text that have been published:

We are looking for a passionate Senior Product Manager that is a team of Platform & Partner Experience to work creatively on the experiences of Spotify through connected devices. Leading you and take the initiative to launch Spotify hardware to new and old customers; You’ll be in a new category of enterprise that will define a new product similar to the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, or the Snap Spectacles.

You will be able to define the requirements of a product connected to the internetand software that will take contact with the manufacturers who develop the best Spotify experience for millions of users. Above all, your work will affect the way that the world experience the music and spoken content.

So you know, if you are interested to have a look from time to time to the Spotify website. Personalmente see more as a sound in the style of Sonos system, who knows if even everything happens for it dare to be with a company of this style. It seems that the technological future is connected houses, so we can only hope…

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