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Spotify could restrict certain content to users of payment

One of the keys to the success of Spotify is precisely the fact that has a partly-free service, in fact, the majority of its users are free subscription, who suffer and suffer the ads in Exchange for what Spotify offers. However, this stance sharer not Apple Music, for example, is being severely criticized by the holding companies of the rights of exploitation of the content offering. An example is Universal, that is “pressing him nuts” Spotify in this regard. In this way, the main transmitter of musical content on-demand will start to restrict certain artists and albums for Premiere users subscribed to the monthly payment.

The fact is that Spotify has confirmed to Bloomberg that it is considering seriously to apply such restrictions, they have in fact been working and in negotiations with companies such as Universal, mostly to try to achieve the best agreement possible without angry users, and that it will not be difficult that once they force users to pay to pay subscriptions may decide to elope to the competition , as for instance Apple Music, which has lots of exclusive content for their users.

Universal Music Group has in fact been who has made think to Spotify will soon launch a series of albums of famous artists, and that only should be available this content for users of payment. That if, being a little more retailers with filtering content, Universal has detailed that this exclusive content should be maintained only for two weeks, so at the end of free subscription users will also enjoy this music, simply will be the last. Actually this measure of the time delay not seems to me (personally) attractive enough to motivate me to pay.

Spotify takes time negotiating with Universal Music Group in respect of the content coming out of the company, the largest company in the world, the intention is to offer according to which content only to users of payment. Universal artists may choose whether to throw his albums exclusively for the users of payment for two weeks. Universal takes time working with data that Spotify has to offer to study patterns of listening to its customers, helping to improve the content to fans.

The eternal war between Apple Music and Spotify

No doubt that Apple Music was the last to arrive in this war of the musical content in streaming, certainly, and despite many catalogued it as a disaster, changes and the number of users of iOS have undoubtedly lie in second place in the ranking, while at no time offered free plans more than three months of evidence offered. In fact, they gave a tipping interesting to the market, offering 90-day trial and family around 15 euros subscriptions have forced other companies to put the batteries, moreover, Spotify has adopted the family subscription, which has made him grow considerably in terms of number of users.

However, the European company still maintained on the place that belongs to you, perhaps the habit of users, as happened with WhatsApp, is what keeps them tied to Spotify. However, reality is that Spotify user interface is considerably more attractive than the of Apple Music, not to mention that systems forecast and musical offering of Spotify also far outweigh the Apple Music.

Be that as it may, Spotify takes hold and begins to try to monetize a service that has been giving losses since the day of his birth, while investors are betting strongly on the service. Ultimately, we’d like to we do know in the comments box if you use Apple Music or Spotify on a regular basis.

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