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SpringChanger lets you change the screen of our iPhone restart

Again we return to the fray with a tweak that allows us to modify the aesthetics of performance of our iPhone. This time we talk about SpringChanger, a tweak that does not add any functionality, but it only affects the aesthetics of our device, changing the screen that is displayed each time that you do a respring, commonplace if we jailbreak users. Every time you reboot your device, appears the logo of Apple with the background black, a fund that fortunately with SpringChanger we can change to the color that shows the Apple logo, color which can be more like it, not one default as they offer other applications.

SpringChanger, not only allows us to change the logo of Apple, they also also allows us to add an image to the background, leaving aside the traditional black accompanying us from earlier versions of iOS whenever we make a restart or turn on our device. To set the color we want us to display the logo, we must enter a hexadecimal code or select it from the palette of colors that offers configuration options.

With respect to the background image, this tweak allows us to select that image we want to display in the background of the reset screen, if it is that we want to change it, since we can only change the color of the logo leaving black background. Once we have selected the color of the logo and the background image, we can preview the result to see if it suits our tastes. To make use of this tweak, you must have installed MakeRespingsGreatAgain, tweak to be installed automatically when you install SpringChanger if you don’t have it installed. SpringChanger is available for download for free through the BigBoss repo and is compatible with all devices running iOS installed 10.

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