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Telegram already allows us to delete sent messages

It platform of messaging that each time is more popular among them users, Telegram, continues being a broth of cultivation where WhatsApp, in hands of Facebook, is usually inspire but less that of custom, since the machinery of copy and paste is dedicated exclusively to the application Facebook. Each time are more them users that are adopting Telegram as an of their applications of messaging favorite thanks to the possibility of share GIFs, share any type of document, synchronization between all the devices where is find installed the application (that is multiplatform)… If you have not yet tried, Telegram boys give us one more reason to do so: to delete messages sent to people both groups.

Safe that in more than one occasion have tucked the pata writing something that not have weighing, or have committed a lack of spelling absurd, or simply not ves suitable your comment. In these cases the most common comment usually Earth swallowing me. But with the update 3.16 number of Telegram, we can finally eliminate messages sent privately or in groups, remove them in such a way that they disappear from view of all users or only for our view. That Yes, the time available to do so is 48 hours.

Makes some few months, the application us allowed enjoy of them videos of YouTube making use of the function Picture-in-Picture, function that also is available for them videos that is displayed in others pages, not only in YouTube. Also, also can get more information about the use of our rate of data or connection Wifi that do with it application, for check in all time which has been the traffic of Telegram and if have that begin to think in modify them settings so not is download all the content that we send automatically.

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