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TestFlight & iTunes Connect is updated with improvements for developers and beta testers

The developers have always been an essential part of the ecosystem of Apple, without which the platform mobile iOS had become what is now. Apple always has been vanagloriado, in special Tim Cook, of the large community of developers who are betting every day by the Apple mobile platform. The guys at Cupertino continue to improve every year, possibilities and freedoms offered to this community. In fact, in the past three years, Apple has allowed access to parts of the system as in other times, they would have never imagined and we would have had to continue to rely on the jailbreak, a jailbreak a bit abandoned by the community.

A couple of days, Apple released a new update of the TestFlight application, an application with which developers can offer their applications in phase beta to a small group of users. With the passage of the years, Apple has been adding new functions, functions that we are beta testers thanks. But not only we, but also developers. This latest update extends the possibilities of allowing developers offer two versions of the beta testers so that developers can see how to react the community according to the innovations that include.

Another remarkable change of the last update of TestFlight and iTunes Connect can be found in the enlargement of the number of days that users can make use of the betas, last 60 to 90 days, which allows the beta testers more time to test applications on their devices.

Finally, Apple has changed the way in which users can continue downloading the betas, since once the App Store reached the final version, beta-testers could not now return to download the betas of new updates of apps that were targeted through Eastern developers program.

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