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The blockade of activation of Apple could have been hacked

A few days ago you had how Apple had deleted, without prior explanation, the page to check the possible blocking of second hand held devices, a story that surprised everyone because that page was essential to avoid scams when buying second hand iPad, or iPhone can check if they were blocked and thus avoid that they give us a very expensive paperweight. Although there is no official confirmation, today can be to know the reason for the disappearance of this web: Activation (Activation Lock) lock system might have been hacked and that Apple website might have been a fundamental element for that hack. We explain what you then.

All know (or at least should know) that if activate the option “search my iPhone” in a device, that assumes that will be associated to our has of Apple and nobody can use it without before enter our key of iCloud, although it restore from zero. This security system that seeks to prevent theft but became a serious problem for the second hand market, because many buyers were that when you try to activate your iPhone or iPad could not be associated to the previous seller account, or worse yet, because they were stolen.

However all have seen how many websites promising to remove that blockade of activation, and it seems that some worked really, because as the video shows it was possible. Procedure was not easy, but we can sum it up in that we could change the serial number of the device in question, and thus remove this lock. The web of checking of Apple was a step essential for this procedure, and can that by this same reason Apple has decided close it.

Also this problem may have been also the cause of another error that many users were complaining about lately, and which consists of that to activate your iPhone you were with that was associated with another account, when really was your iPhone. If the serial number chosen at random by the hackers coincided with a legitimate user the result is that the latter was that it had blocked is without having done anything to do so.

As say Apple not has said nothing to the respect but of confirm is these reports soon will know the version official of the company, and can that soon again to operate the web of checking of the lock of activation so the market of second hand not suffer them consequences of this failed of security.

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